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Jul 17, 2022
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Ashland Va
IMG_5375 Large.jpeg

This is a Sears Catalog JC Higgins Flightliner

Found this one in terrible condition on Craigslist and brought it bake to life.

My goal was to keep it simple, highlight the rear dropouts and use as many recycled parts as possible.
IMG_5394 copy Large.jpeg

IMG_5365 Large.jpeg
IMG_5376 Large.jpeg
IMG_5380 Large.jpeg
IMG_5375 Large.jpeg

Build Thread:
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Great job! First pic is best. A dreamy old school ambient, goes well with the bike and frame color
Great looking ride. That tool bag is a really cool addition, I need to remember to get or make one of those soon.

The blue on white colors really look good here. Reminds me of the blue and white my uncle had on his his old Chrysler 2-dorlor coupe.

Thanks. The saddle bag is from eBay.

Even more important. I posted it to IG this morning and within 2.5 hours someone messaged me and bought it!! Never have a sold a bike so fast! Also got a like from the YouTube star ‘oldshovel’ !! It’s the little things. This was fun. Thank you all! Let’s do it again.
Just gave you a follow!