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Jan 14, 2013
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After getting my mountain bike stolen from a local train station I have gone for a fold up bike that I can now take with me, of course it has to be made the way i like so took all the stickers of it , added a retro headlight and of course white wall tyres! Really happy with the outcome and had a lot of positive comments!
When the freezing rain stops I'll get a picture of my Sears folder.. I used to ride it on my AM ride but too many people were laughing and pointing at me. :lol: Actually I really didn't like the ride of the small wheels, and moved on to a Murray Cruiser.

Got to love this thread Matte Black. Thanks for the bump Deorman. This bike pictured is one that was morphed over time. Here it's a transport at this years Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale NY. It was very popular with all the hippies, always dropped it near where we sat, no one dared touch it. We call it the Pine Mule.
Others that I have like my older Dahon that I added a Sach's 2-speed kickback that I take T@Bing when there is limited biking.......

......the blue one ( I bought both of these at a yard sale in VT, $35 for the pair) ......

.....and my Raleigh 20 that I bring when there's trails outside the campsites.

I have three more riders, you can never have too many folders. Then there's the collection of non riders that I will use for future builds. Fold on Brothers!
I recently traded this, but here is my MO FATTA MO BETTA folding Dahon bike - FUSGLSEY

Graylock said:
Kingfish......... do you have a better view of the brace where wraps around the stem by the handle bars? How does that work, I could use that feature on my Dahon.

There are a ton of photos of Fugsley on my build thread. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=44315
But your Dahon doesn't need the A-Frame brace that the earlier models had. It's not really something that you could add easily either.
This is the Dahon Boardwalk I did for the folder build-off. It was later shipped to the Philippines for my niece.

My Dahon Jetstream P8 full suspension folder is still the best riding bike that I have ever owned. Check out the front springer parallelogram fork. It also has Magura hydraulic brakes.

Found yesterday.....people cleaning out garage/storage area. Nice condition,original tires, rear rim pitting a little but for 40.00 think it is a good find! Looks like a 1973.

That 20 is in great shape. The year will be stamped on the rear hub shell, 10 73 would be Oct of 1973.
LukeTheJoker said:
Could we get a close up of how that front fork works King? Looks very interesting!


I found this pic online. The shock piston for the fork is inside the fork headtube.
Here is my wife's Dahon Mariner