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Jan 21, 2009
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Zambales, Philippines
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I may be building a frame, just using the headtube and bottom bracket from a scrap frame.
I have questions on steel and bending steel.

1. What metal tubing will work for a home built frame? The shops around here won't know what tubing is for bikes, so I wonder what size and numbers thay would understand at the supply place. Stainless or should I stay with regular steel tubing?
2. What thickness should the tubing be? Weight isn't that big of an issue. I might use one inch size like the headtube for everything.
3. I will bend the tubing also. Are the bending tools good or should is there a better way?
I do not know what grade steel is used for building a bike, as I generally reuse the materials from other bikes.

As to the size then that is easy - cut up a frame you do not need and measure everything

For tools, I spend ages at the local shops thinking about what to buy. Some will be good decisions, and some less than so - but you will learn something each time.