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Frame sale!

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Oct 24, 2012
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Boulder Creek, California
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Hi,I gotta get my Vespa and Volkswagen street legal, so it's time to sell some parts.
Frames are $150 each, no pedals or chains included!
Call dibs here, local pickup preferably, but I can ship on your dime, but don't have time for a bunch of shipping quotes.
Here we go:
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#1 Stingray, Chicago
#1 may have been a scrambler with the kickstand being plugged. What is the serial on that frame? The one you have listed as a scrambler #5 is not a Schwinn frame. Maybe a Huffy
#5 is definitely a Chicago Schwinn, I know it's previous owner, I will get it's serial number this morning.
Absolutely not a Schwinn the rear fender bridge is straight , the rear drop outs are wrong and Schwinn never made a frame with with pinched and welded drop outs. Look at frame #1 that is exactly how a Schwinn frame look, fender bridge, drop outs and seemless welds of drop out to seat and chain stays. I believe that is what the owner told you. I'm telling you it is not a Schwinn frame. After '59 any manufacturer could produce a cantilever frame like a Schwinn bike, and they all did.

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