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Feb 22, 2010
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DFW Area Texas
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Found this BMX frame at a garage sale today. It had a hand labeled tag on it that said 1990.

I have no idea, past that. It might be worth someone wanting a BMX ?




There are some heavy Mongoose nuts out there who would want it. Don't expect to get too much as Mongoose wasn't really known for it's freestyle effort, but you will probably get more than you paid + shipping. Whatever you do, do not attempt to alter it other than a delicate cleaning.. Leave that to the purchaser.
so lonewolf ..r u sayin it would b worth more if he leave them nasty lookin decals alone ? just askin ? cause if so i may have screwed up a few things ....LOL mike
That's what I'm sayin'.

BMX bikes are always worth more as original. Really anal group of restorers.

If there are not replacement decals available for a specific bike, the decals need to be present in order to potentially be replicated in the event a guy want's to bring it back.

I'm not saying for sure that a Mongoose Decade is going to ever be restored, but one might say that about a low rent Hutch Wind Styler, too. In the case of the Wind Styler, they'd be wrong. There is a tremendous following of those bikes, though I am clueless as to why.

Tell us the types of bikes you stripped naked?
Thanx guys, I'll post the S/N tomorrow. I cleaned up the rust and put it up on eBay tonight. I can take that back down if you think it's the wrong move right now. I am missing one tiny part (as well as some big ones :D )


it's the little allen bolt and nut to hold the star to the chain ring. See open whole at about 2 o'clock position.

Anyone have one that they'd be willing to pop into the mail? I pay for parts!

If I had the money I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'd give it a gently cleaning and pop it on C-list as it sits, I've had good luck selling frame / fork on there. All that one really needs are a set of wheels and a seat.
Thanks, I'll stop by the bike shop on the way home tonight.

I'm amazed, it's already over $50 on ebay, and there are 6 days left on my auction. :D
$66 tonight. I found a picture of it on BMX museum.com listing it as a 1987 with the brake cable stops (I don't know the proper terminology) welded to the head tube. Seems to be a one year thing. I am admittedly clueless about BMX. Kind of fun to watch the auction. Still amazed to even see a bid of any kind this early in the 7 day auction. Mike, I can only hope that you are anywhere near with your prediction!
That's definitely an 87 Mongoose Decade. The brake cable stops on the head tube are called "Gyro Tabs." That Spintech gyro stem is original to the bike. I traded a rusty spaceliner frame and fork for a complete blue Decade in nice shape with my boss at the shop I used to work at. Cool little bikes, but Lone Wolf is right, they don't bring a ton of money compared to GT or Haro freestyle bikes of the same era. You're probably looking at about $70 or $80 in that shape, maybe a little more if the Spintech works and the cranks clean up nice. I can get mine out of storage and take some photos if you're interested in seeing a complete.
Thanks for the info Johnny. Don't go to any trouble, but pictures are always nice, thank you!

Here's how I presented it if anyone is even remotely interested.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Old-School-BMX-Mong ... 0699578461

Lots of people looking and 21 watchers so far.

The frame cleaned up nicely, I got 98% of the surface rust off. I didn't disassemble or clean the head tube/forks as I don't know how that system works. I left the pedals out of the sale, as one of them had a part missing, and they were beat up pretty badly. I can always throw them in the box free as an unexpected extra when I send this one out. The chain was pretty hopelessly rusted, so I broke it off for a cleaner look. It will be replaced anyway. The seat tube was stuck, it took a good bit of sweat effort to get it out undamaged, but the buyer not having to deal with it will be a another freebie.