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Nov 27, 2010
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Tuscarawas County, OH
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got these two "gems" today at my friends scrapyard.. also got to rip the engine out and drop it on the top of a Nissan hatchback FUN!

homemade fixie that i didn't realize was "modified" until i got it home... someone removed the derailleur, put it on the center sprocket, and shortened the chain... still a cool bike i am fixing for my nephew to get around on

and picked up this Fuji Gran Tourer

any info on this bike is appreciated.. don't usually get into bikes with derailleurs.. seems to work decent tho so I picked it up.. may go to ebay, then if not sold donate it to local charity shop
http://classicfuji.com/index.html hey iw check out this website it should give you the info you are looking for fujis are nice i think your green one is a 79 the yellow single speed conversion you have is nice too nothing major to go wrong if you live by a college town cl is a good place to sell the fuji

here is my Fuji Grand Tourer. it is my favorite distance bike. Not exactly light by road bike standards, but very stout. I've put approx. 1000 miles on mine, and the only issues I have had are keeping the 90psi 27's from coming off their beads; a typical issue for these tires I'm told. My LBS said they can upgrade me to modern 700's if it gets too annoying, but so far, I have been blowout free for over 200 miles this year. My LBS guy wants first dibs if I ever sell it.

I came across it by chance almost 10 years ago at the Ann Arbor/Saline show. It failed to get a single $40 bid; I missed the auction but saw the owner rolling it back to his spot. After realizing it was fit me perfectly, I gladly forked over $40.

The Velo seat I put on it is actually from a Walmart MTB I bought new in the late 90's. I don't know why, but I really like it over the expensive seats. The original was long gone when I got it.

Yours looks a little worse for wear than mine; I hope you can get some use out of it.

Illiterite Wino said:
if I ever go to Dayton, and I travel allot for bikes, I'll drop you a line :D

That would be great, thanks! :D If you happen across any Schwinn Lil' Tiger parts (67-80 12" kid's bike,) I could use anything, but mostly need a sissy bar. I'm restoring/mild customizing a 67 in the Builds topic here.
Its all good. I don't need any parts for the Fuji right now anyways. The Pixie in the link doesn't have anything I need for the Lil Tiger (The lil tiger is an even smaller 12" bike,) but thank you. If it had a sissy bar, I could probably cut it down to fit.