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This is obviously about the other cyclists
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Been hanging around in galleries lately, thanks to the lovely Ms Dice. I'm all inspired to do artist stuff. I call this one If I Had Any Sense at All, I Would Have Used This One to Singlespeed
This is obviously about the other cyclists View attachment 255709
You too, unless you crash & burn first.

When your kids grow up and move out, and have their own kids, and those kids grow up and move out, and start having their own kids, you will be at my stage.

The great-grand-wierdo.

There are eight bikes stashed around here, and yet I only wanna ride one of them, which is the chopped mongoose.

I built 24 skateboards before I knew I’d built the one I wanted. It’s just life, if one is lucky and productive.

With too many toys, now passing them along to youngsters . . .

I wish you the same long happiness.
You can never let her know how much you spent on anything, not even the toilet paper holder
Or, you disguise other purchases by claiming multiple uses:

"I'll be working on the new toilet paper holder this afternoon, dear"