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Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

i got the speedo off ebay. i saw one just like it the other day, if you check ebay it might still be there.
Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

I'm diggin' your bike man. A quick question though. I'm not familiar with those springers. Did you just move the spring/strut arm to the back bolt hole to lower it? and if so, does that take the springing action outta the fork, and will it let the tire/fender do anythign bad like rub on the bottom of the crown of the fork? My only springer experience is with the rat-trap style...
Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

or did you make those little brackets the wheel is mounted in?
and if that's the case, how do you keep it from rotating in the fork spot? I like how low it is though...
Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

you got it, i made the brackets. the pic i have posted is just so everybody could see how it was gonna look. i'm gonna bolt steel braces, struts if you will, to the inside of each bracket front and rear which will then bolt to the fork and rear frame. that should make all 4 of them plenty sturdy. every modification i make to this bike will strictly be bolt on stuff. i want to be able to completely return the bike to stock anytime i want.
Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

i had a couple hours to spare so i made the braces i was talking about. i jumped up and down on the fork with all 220 lbs of me and have come to the conclusion that this setup is quite strong. i still have to paint them black but here's a pic anyway.


i also reshaped the fender to match the contour of the tire better.
Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics

Great thinking! Another way to lower a bike. I like your build. But I would really like to see it with black graphics on the tank. If these are stickers, you could experiment by spraying a new set black befor applying. Nonetheless, you have a beautiful bike. Great job!
Re: Greaser - 6/6 update & pics

i got finally some more work accomplished today. laced in my new sturmey archer 3spd hub which was actually more work than i had anticipated...


and here's the shifter i decided to use for it...


and the bike in it's current state. a few more little things and i think i'll be done.


i took it out for a ride today and it is so so sweet! pop it into 1st and no more standing up to pedal up hills, pop it into 2nd and cruise all day, pop it into 3rd and i'm flying down the road! i love it!
Re: Greaser - 6/6 update & pics

i just skimmed thru the whole thread, and im a little set back. i think you started off great, and didnt do anything wrong. i think the flames jumped off the bike a little.. but anyway, i really like this bike! its laid-back, lazy, and in-your-face, just like a real greaser! 8)
Re: Greaser - 6/6 update & pics

very clean ride. i love the shifter that arm looks heavy how did you stiffen the shifter so it would not pop out of gear? well done so far you can roll with me anytime :mrgreen:
Re: Greaser - 6/6 update & pics

"i love the shifter, that arm looks heavy how did you stiffen the shifter so it would not pop out of gear? "

by reversing the the mounting side of the shifter it also reverses the shifting pattern. this way the spring in the hub is always trying to pull the shifter into its highest position(3rd). it's a typical force + counter force equation. gravity tries to pull the shifter down, spring in the hub tries to pull the shifter up. this keeps it in the gear position i set it to with no problems.
Re: Greaser - 6/11 update & pics

had some time today so i thought some seat resto was in order. here's what i started with


and here it is with everything cleaned up and painted


assembly complete. turned out pretty good i think :)

Re: Greaser - 6/11 update & pics

i really like how clean your bike is very well detailed. wait till u see mine you would wanna make sure you had your tetanus shot before taking a seat :) i still cant get over your shifter that is so cool maybe because the knob is the same as the one that i used to run in my ranchero. makes me all nostalgic

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