BO15 Green (?) Goblin Lowrider

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You had me at 'lowrider' ! Bring on those posts and photos!

Looks like you just joined the forum as well, so welcome to the best custom vintage and rat rod bike site on the internet!
RaT oN~!
Yes I just join.i come from Poland but I live in UK . I like different staff like custom motorcycle I had Royal Enfield and Suzuki Sv650(scrambler) I build custom bikes and now I build some Lowrider for mysef. I posted photo after work when I back to home better net connection
plan was like that. But after few hours in garage life make something bit different
I like that layout so far. Nice bends on the diamond tube. Is that a 3 or 4 inch rear wheel?
Sv is on construction then later :) to be honest I must make some new photos :cool:
Wow! That frame work is stunning! I really like the sharp V shape of the forks. And the fat tire / wheel combos!
ScRaT-ch oN~!
I look forward to the updates on this.
Where in Poland are you located? My wife and I have been to Krakow and Warsaw and really enjoyed our vacations there. We hope to see more of your country one day.