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Jun 5, 2012
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It is not a rat bike but it will be customized
plus it is a neat style of bike
I am not sure how many people are familiar with outside of California

The bike I bought New in Box for a really good deal (I think this is only the 2nd new bike I have ever purchased)

It is called the Hang Ten Alton


The Alton is their new Aluminum frame commuter bike
but unfortunately it looks like what I was told is true and they are discontinuing the bicycles
which is the second reason I bought one new

For those not familiar with these bikes
they are a typical twin bar top tube beach cruiser
but what makes them different is the wood panel inlay that fits in between the bars

some have a matching rack

My plan is to turn my new acquisition into a single speed coaster style road bike
that I am dubbing "Hang On"
Jan 31, 2023
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Orange County
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I have one of those bikes that was converted into an ebike! I grew up in OC and never realized that HangTen even made bicycles. I loved the style and wanted to purchase one with a springer fork but its almost as if hangten Bikes disappeared without a trace.... so I guess its my rare one of a kind weekend rider. My Lbs sure loves how ive set it up(going for a clunker type build)

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