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Jun 20, 2019
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Warsaw, Poland
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So... it started 1,5 year ago when I looked at my new bike, and thought: "I will change just one thing and it will be perfect"

It was not one thing, and bike is still ongoing project. Bike started as 2017/2018 "Greaser" e-bike, board tracker / cafe racer style cutie.
I wanted to build second bike, I even got almost all the parts... besides the frame. So I turned to my trusted ride, to change it to perfect machine... that sucks at off-road and on-road riding. Scrambler ;)

This is the photo form last week, before current rebuild. I think I reached 19 to 20 000 km on this with this engine ;)
And yes, bucket is not for show. It can go above 50kmph (31mph) off road ;)

Greetings from Warsaw :)

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