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Aug 14, 2015
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Hi Guys,
Been lurking on this site for a while admiring the great ideas, talents and how to information of its members. My experience consist of turning a couple of my old bikes into choppers when I was a kid, later got into mt.biking, then eventually kind of got out of bikes altogether. Until I discovered this site.
Now between craigslist and yard sales, I've found a couple good potential projects including an old Worksman trike!
Really looking forward to being a part of this community and getting some building done! Thanks for the inspiration guys, Tom.
Welcome aboard.
Always room for another trike,unless you have a small garage.

Loved building choppers as a kid,they weren't always safe but they were fun.
If your a Maniac you must be all right . Spent my childhood in Vt . So way to get back in to the biking . Welcome time to start building something cool ![emoji106]

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