High-Rider 77 Schwinn Skinny / Muscle Mod

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Jan 24, 2023
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New York City
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Having not expected to journal this I didn't take pictures till it was taking shape. I've stripped down a 1977 Schwinn Collegiate II, (parts still visible behind). I've yet to sand the rust, (visible on the crankset). I'm deciding which tires to go with and I'm upholstering a new seat as I write. To incorporate all 3 checks for the Muscle division I'll put 28s on the rear, 23 up front ;) I'll be attempting to incorporate a hinged rear on that steel sissy-bar to accommodate the post spring in an attempt to curtail the cracking of my parts. While the maneuverability of this design summons me to ride grassy knolls, dirt trails, bunny hop curbs and basically abuse it, I pay for it in steel on a regular basis.
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