Homemade enclosed and insulated trailer.

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Jul 2, 2023
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Burt, Iowa
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I'm building a small enclosed trailer made from the aluminum belly storage box from a semi truck flatbed trailer I found in the ditch. It looks to have fallen off because the mounting bolts vibrated loose. One corner was crumpled up but a car scissor jack and clever use of chunks of wood and I got it straitened out. Just have to build a tongue for it and I'm going to insulate it to keep things cold or frozen for the 9 mile ride from the grocery store. It had more then a few holes drilled in it from being attached to a couple different trailers I'm guessing so after I painted it I filled some of the holes by mounting different car side emblems to it for decoration and the handle on the lid is from a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. I'm most likely going to replace the wheels underneath it with some old school 20" aluminum 5 spoke BMX mags that will be outside of it. I think that'll get it lower and make it more stable. I picked up an axel that should work. I'll just need to get new sealed bearings for the mag's.