How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

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Jul 16, 2019
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This old thing? Just something I found laying around somewhere...
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Sep 18, 2022
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SE Michigan
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Way back in the day I used to have a username that I used everywhere. So late one night I"m signing on to a new forum and as it turns out some miscreant has already used MY name. The nerve of some people.

So I'm sitting there trying to think of a new name when into the room wanders my dog "Desmo". I said something along the lines of "hey there, Desmodog!" and it hit me. Ever since, Desmodog has been my screen name when I sign up for forums.

The avatar is not surprisingly a shot of Desmo. He's no longer with us, but he lasted until just shy of his 17th birthday, which is a dang good run for a dog of his size. He was a character, that's for sure.
Feb 11, 2009
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Corning, Nor-Cal
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Years ago I wanted a single global name, so it was J.Rhapsody, and I wanted a first name, and Jax just came to me. I've used several avatars over the years, but somebody I knew made a neme of me with some iphone app, so I saved it, and started using it everywhere it'd fit, few years back.View attachment 209058
Decided to post here since there is a new avatar i use.
The nickname comes from a misspelled stranger that i liked a lot because there is a ⭐star in it! So here i am, shining bright :D
The new avatar is actually a logo of my new brand I've created to represent my bicycle design activities. I used to go by "Conscious Cycles" before, and as i like the idea of it and i believe there is a good intention behind it, i felt there is time for something new. "Conscious Cycles" stands for the fact that if you decide on what kind of bike to ride consciously instead of following what is popular now or what is advertised, you are going to end up with a better suited bike that would make you a happier person. But in the end i thought i need something shorter and clearer, more catchy.
So here is my new brand name - "Volna". In my native tongue it means "wave", and it applies fine to the vintage cruiser bikes aesthetics. Also i believe the name sounds nice and though it may not involve a lot of associations for a non-Russian speaker, it is easy to pronounce and to remember.
Here is the logo along with the lettering in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.
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Thank you for sharing and your explanations how you came up with your member names and avatar, good stuff!

Rafael ~

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