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Sep 11, 2011
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I have a muscle bike that i want to make a wooden acsent take for it. there any threads on how to do it. As much info on it will help
start with a cardboard template. Once you have the profile you like transfer it to wood. A scroll saw would be the optimal tool for cutting curves but a jig saw would work fine too. Once you have the general shape it's just a matter of shaping the edges and adding whatever detail you want.

keep us posted.
trial and error. it also helps to use a stiff carboard. I hole mine up against the top tube and draw the profile then cut that out. You shuold be able to slide your template in from the bottom after that. If you are off a little I just add some 2" masking tape hanging off that area and slide it back in and mark the pattern again.
Here's a tank I'm working on. I made a template with cardboard first. Like was stated earlier hold the straight edge against the head tube and mark out the top tube. You can do this from outside. Cut that and then mark the bottom half. You'll have to make a few adjustments here and there with a razor so it fits right. Then transfer it to the wood.

A friend of mine gave me some different strips of wood so I glued them together and cut them to shape for the tank. The other piece will be for the rack, still have to shape that one.


Still have to trim a little off the wood so it fits nice. If you wanted a rounded tank I would cut two halves. Consider making your template to the outside of the tubes. The tank will have to snug up to it. Clamp them together and carve away!
Still thinking that one out. I'm thinking of using some leather from an old belt. Two straps on top and one on the bottom. Another member on here, CWC, made some straps from flattened copper tubing that were really cool. I'll find the post we were talking on and post it for you.
Ok, here's the link! CWC not only makes some awesome tanks, he makes knives too! They are beautifully handcrafted works of art. Check them out on the thread.