I need help finding books on bikes.

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Oct 3, 2009
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I am in need of a list of books or good resources for a paper I will be doing over this next year. Anything you can think of will be good and I will sort it out. Please and thank you.
Right now I'm focusing on history, but anything will help
If you're looking for a really good book on the history of the bicycle, I would recommend:

Bicycle: The History' by David V. Herlihy

http://www.amazon.com/Bicycle-History-D ... 0300104189

It can be a little 'dry' at times but is a really good source for the early years.
That looks like a good resource, thanks. I will eventually buy the book, but right now the pdf will do.
Check out the used book site called alibris! I was seeing all the bike books on ebay like The American Bicycle and found them much cheaper there! Also the Cabe has a bookstore, and Classic Bicycle News has published a Rollfast and Columbia book with more on the way! My stack o'bike books is how I developed my mad bike skills! :mrgreen: -Adam
thanks all. Anyone know of any on bike cultures?
Ok, bumping this back up to the top for a little more help.

Looking for history, books on design as well as physics and anatomy as pertaining to bikes. please and thank you.
Jobst Brandt, The Bicycle Wheel. If you like lacing spokes and building wheels, this is the book for you. Gary
Classic bikes for dummies


with the NBHAA's corrections: http://nbhaa.com/GTCC1.html#anchor0


Schwinn subjective litterature




and more


Without forgetting the incredible work of John Brain on Bike, Rod & Kustom: John Brain's history of kustom biking 1958 - 1967

I've seen on the web before where someone had posted the entire book of 50 Years of Schwinn Built Bicycles. This book was copyrighted in 1945 by Schwinn and has a lot of great stuff about the history of bicycles from the beginning through WWII. Lots of illustrations and text about development and design of early bicycles and the Schwinn Company including Mr. Ignaz. You might check it out. Thanks!!!
Lost of info on the Columbia bicycle company here, ranging from history to design. There's also useful info about early bikes and cruisers. It's worth a look.
Thank you all very much. I will definitely be looking at most of these and using anything i can.