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65rat said:
Frankthetank said:
HotRodRob said:
Just tried it and got a busy signal. I NEED ME SOME GRIPS!!
I found a gang of repop schwinn phantom grips in different colors on eBay. That's were I got mine.
My LBS has them for $9.95
Got mine off of eBay for 8 something with free shipping. Seller has a gang of different colors. So ha! Just kidding but 10 bucks still isn't bad. I seen some sellers asking for more.
Frankthetank said:
HotRodRob said:
I'm pretty sure they weren't jewel coke bottle grips though. :wink:
I don't think I ever even seen a pair. Pics?

Go on their site, and go to grips. They are under High Quality Reproduction Grips. They are the first ones, called Glass Jeweled Champion. Just click on it for the pic.

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