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Dec 10, 2009
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This one's going to have a throttle. My wife is so cool. It's time to build her something special.

TSP Demon fork made in Italy. As soon as I saw it I bought it. Here's the description off their website.​

EN grade steel and GTAW (TIG) weldings made with specific EN grade consumables suited for the required torsion (cr/mo)

I was thinking looks kind of cumbersome, doesn't flow. What do you think about encasing it with wood? Batteries are freakin' ugly.
I was hoping you enclose the battery, that frame could make a nice little box with some kind of access hatch. If it's for her, it should be tidy. She doesn't want to look at that.
The pinstriping looks great. Is that a Ruff Cycles frame? I've always enjoyed the lines on their frames. Unfortunately, it looks like they might not be producing frames for much longer (mid-June according to their website).