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May 15, 2015
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Hey dudes and dude-ets, I FINALLY made some time to make a wall mounted bike rack after all the rigs have been taking up valuable real estate on my shop floor. I used some Husky brand hook/track system wheel hooks as I got them cheap at a flea market. The seller didn't have the metal track system for them to slide on so I improvised.

I simply used a 2x4" board (would use a 2x6" if I did it over as it would spread out the load better) and screwed a piece of 90* aluminum angle to the top with the vertical end facing out away from the wall. I then cut the bottom off of the bases the hooks are welded to and drilled a hole near the bottom to run a screw into when they need to be locked in place.

Once you have everything together just slap the board and angle assembly on the wall and run in some screws once you have the stud spacing figured out. I used 3" screws tied into the wall studs for added insurance which is highly recommended. Next up just take the Husky hooks and simply hang them over the aluminum angle as they have a lip on the top side. Carefully hang some bikes to determine hook spacing and lock in place with a single screw each! BOOM DONE!!