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Feb 9, 2008
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Ok the paint is yellow . :lol: Anyway This is my interpertation of that bike. I'm happy with the results. Wife cant reach the shifter so that will have to be moved to the handlebars.....oh well. Its got the Kenda flame 26x3 on the back and the Kenda flame 26x2.125 on the front with a monark springer and some larger springs.Hope you like it





i can dig it .. looks like the frame and fork is just hovering there :D still nothing sissy about that bike though :mrgreen:

well done Uncle Stretch !!!
Thanks CCR . the pics are terrible but we are suppose to have sun for just one day and its 70 and beautiful. I'll have to live with the crummy pictures. :roll:
It does look awesome....nice work!!!

I'd like one built now please with a candy blue paint job and cream scallops and some fat white walls. :wink:
Rat Rod said:
It does look awesome....nice work!!!

I'd like one built now please with a candy blue paint job and cream scallops and some fat white walls. :wink:
I am with Steve ...How do I place my order?

No I am serious how much :?:
Hey thanks Yall ,But I'm not going to build for a while. It may turn out this is the last shot.Its way too hard to try to build a bike in a really small space. As far as riding ...I havent yet. I will maybe in a while and see what it does. Still need to come up with a spring for my kickstand and then I'm finished.....I hope. :shock:
Uncle Stretch said:
...But I'm not going to build for a while. It may turn out this is the last shot...

since there seems to be a glimer of hope...ha ha

So being third in line to place an order, big time hint, i do have few questions. How much? So i can prepare my explanation to the Mrs. How long is the wait? Like it would even matter. Can i have some ape hangers?
Nicely done 8) Every time I look at one of your builds, it makes me want to try my hand at building a frame from scratch. If I ever do, I'll be PM'ing you for guidance :wink:
very nice bike glad to see you pulled it off. does this mean it is an uncman? and dont kid yourself you will chop again i said the same thing about not entering the build off last year and folded due to peer pressure. have fun with it lets see her on it with a big smile on her face :D
The bike looks really great. You've done a awesome job Mr Stretch. I hope your wife lets you have a go every now and again.
Yall are all funny. Trust me the design is far enough away from the real deal to build and sell them, but believe it or not these are really hard bikes to build. Even if I had the place , there is a weeks worth of work in one. I did it because I couldnt afford a real one , and also to show everybody that the frame you dream up is just a few welds away from reality and eveybody can build one. :wink:

mark it may be in the cards. If my wife dosent ride this one enough, I will stretch it about 5'' and take it for mine.

Necessaryevil there is no reason to want something and not get it. Frames are too simple to build...well maybe not this one...not to stick one together.I will give you all the advice you need and probably more than you want. :roll:
UPDATE: it rides really good .The pedal length is good too. Wifey may have lost her a bike. The front wheel was making some crunchy noises....must be the bearings need a little attention. It could use a little longer bars to overcome the fat belly squash :shock: :shock:
Hey, young fella, I know I gave you a lot of grief through this whole process about this NOT being your last one. I'll have to say, if it is, it's a nice one to go into the history books with. Even with all the drama, I loved it all from the beginning to the end. Nice job , BRAVO.
But personally I think in a couple of months when the sun gets them old bones warmed up nothing will be able to stop you from doing the perfect one of your dreams cause you ain't there yet. Huh, huh?
Hey thanks adam.

Well Rgallen this build has be a hoot. I can never say never ,because unless I get rid of all my bike stuff calls me. I could get something changed to get all the bikes out of my shop ,and then I will jump on that computer build. It would be a nice bike when its finished. This one turned out to meet my expectations. I thought it was going to be too short ,but it fine size wise I really made the one of my dreams.
Paul, It came out great. Nice lines and execution of a cool design. I bet you have one more in you. :wink: