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I used a fan next to the window again, gets the dust out right away. That's a lot of frame to clean up. I noticed some pitting and a few dings so it's not going to be perfect.
22 Feb 2024 a.jpg

Handlebars and a couple other things also got flapped.

22 Feb 2024 b.jpg

The first coat of black went on already, and to hide the pitting and dents I might do a gold splatter. I haven't yet decided and I could also add some silver to the splatter. The handlebars and seat could match up to the frame.

22 Feb 2024 c.jpg
The wife was gone for the morning at Zumba, so I had the garage to clear coat the parts. We remodeled and upgraded our place and I added a industrial fan in the garage where the wife throws parties. It gets hot and humid all day long in the summer so it's needed.

but sounds like a Cessna.
It's all set! I added a cellphone holder, bell, and mirror. I used a couple zipties hidden under the seat for the cables.
28 Feb 2024 a.jpg

In keeping with the Lazyboy theme, maybe it needs a drink holder and snack tray. :dance2:
It's going to need two people to get it up the stairs for a test ride. I rolled across the shop, the steering angle is a problem.
28 Feb 2024 e.jpg
I weighed it this morning, 43 lbs. The seat plate is the heaviest part.
Since I know the angle of the headtube will make it difficult to ride, and it will be my exercise bike with that seat, I'm calling it finished. I already tried it on the trainer and it rides well, and I rode it once across the shop, so it's a real bicycle. I don't know which pic I'll use as the finished one yet.

done 4.jpg

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