let me see your chopper bicycles

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This was my first build

Electra Ratfink
144 spokes wheel set
Added a springer fork and a leather seat and a flat black paint job
hmk1115,did you make those handlebars or did you buy them? They really look awesome on your chopper !!!! :thumbsup:

I actually got those handlebars when I bought my motorcycle as an extra set. They are the cafe racer/clubman bars. I love them on the bike. A little more difficult to ride since I'm leaned forward a lot more but the look is worth it ha
Im building this OCC chrome trike, used a rearend from a 1950s Sears chain drive trike, got most of it done just need to mount the fenders and rear deck/step, blast and paint. Its a complete bolt on , no mods to the frame. Sulley

I have an OC chopper I would like to convert to a trike. Can you use one of those standard conversion kits? How do you attach the standard OC chopper rear wheels to the 5/8" axle?
Starting early. Put a homemade spacer in to put the longer forks off the regular OCC on to his Jr. we also used some copper pipe for the bars. He was pumped. I'm sure we'll do more, I just wanted to do a quick father-son project with him.
I found the pictures of the bike I put together and rode from 1978-1982. It was my brothers bike he got brand new for Christmas 1966. He rode it for years and outgrew it. It sat in the garage for a few years. Believe it or not I threw away the shifter and derailleur, seat and wheels that were on it. The fork extensions I bought for $9.99 at Turner's Schwinn in my home town in NC. These pictures were taken May 1980.