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26" CWC from 1953, 24" 3G wheels.

For your consideration: a 1980 Schwinn 24 Varsity Sport 10-speed in cardinal red. I'm swapping the drop bars out for a set of flat bars for my grandson. I think he'll find it fast compared to the single-speeds he's been riding. Funny, it kinda looks like a 26 or 27-inch bike with a giant chainring.

This is one we built for my daughter when she was about 10. It's a 24" Schwinn with a Nexus 3 speed and the modern Sting-Ray tires. Serial number dates it as either a 1957 or 1963.

This second picture is what an old fat guy looks like on a 24" bicycle!
My bike isn't too cool , not like ones I seen . It does count , as it's a 24 . Full Suspension NEXT . What makes it a Rat Rod is I pulled it from a trash pile . work in progress , Tubes, Comfort Seat , Replaced blown bottom bracket [ 1 pc ] bearings for $ 10 Chain and pedals cleaned in Ultrasonic Cleaner / Air / Sun . disliked ' Tiny Bubbles ' Graphics , Heat Gun Peeled them off O K left a horrible , sticky , mess . TIP_ ... Scuff the sticker residue with USED Sand Paper , the dirt sticks to the mess, which later cleans off easier .
Brake Cleaner and Rags [ Fire Caution ] Chinese paint [ tough ] got scuffed with # P 320 . Not liking the Pink , I had some left over Rustoleum GLOSS PURPLE Wet sanded after 5 coats . Polished to a gentle sheen . I liked the results , and named the bike CHEAP PURPLE Left to go ... Falcon Twist Shifter = New Cables Lost Already .
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Don't see origional post trying again . Salvaged NEXT Full suspension 24 " Wheels CHEAP PURPLE


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