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Gimmick for those that need to know what gear number they are in. My guess is 90% of these are broken.

I spotted this when I took the head badge of a 1982 World.

Who knows what roads it traveled, potholes it hit or how many times it got rained on.
Who knows what joy the owner had flying down hills.
Who knows the toils and sweat of mountain climbs.
Who knows the drudgery of a daily commute to a hated job made better because it was done on a bike.
The obvious years of neglect that led to its premature demise. (age 42 Douglas Adams)
Gears grinding away, rubber wearing off, leaving untraceable bits in it's wake.
This man made bike is dust and rust and on its way to the great melting pot.
It is steel that may be recycled an infinite number of times.
May it have a future life as a Toyota or a kitchen fork but not a bomb.
Perhaps some of its molecules will wind up in another bicycle.
The ultimate cycle of life for a bicycle.

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