Made a Low Dollar Wheel Truer (Tru Dat model)

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Mar 31, 2011
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I know about the zip tie thing and have done it. I just wanted to build a wheel truer. This is the back triangle from a Huffy step through. I cut off a seat post and then inserted a steel handlebar stem in the seat post which just fit. 3/4 PVC pipe and fittings made the front legs. Those legs were capped with 1" rubber chair tips. There is a rubber foot under the bottom bracket. It is very stable. I wanted a finished look so I covered the bottom bracket housing with 2" fender washers.

The side to side indicators were made as followed. Hack saw the arms from some rim brakes and smooth the cut ends. Align the aluminum brackets so the sliding adjustment for the pads would be center of the rim edge. Then drill holes to mount them in that position. On the end of the 1/4-20 bolts I first tried the push on vinyl thread protectors for contacting the wheel. They got to much grip and would halt the rotation. The nylon 1/4-20 acorn nuts were perfect at allowing the wheel to rub without stopping. Wing nuts afford hand tightening for fine adjustment. Then I got the idea to drill the ends of the nylon nuts and insert WD40 straws for the contact indicators. That seems to work best.

Currently, my stable uses all 26" wheels. I could drill the stays for additional sizes.

The Stanley T bracket attached at the bottom to see if the wheel is concentric. I used an old trimmed up plastic credit type card to make a bolt on blade the area that contacts the wheel OD edge.

I think I have about $8 in it as I already had much of the hardware. I also have skin in the game but that is for our crash thread. 🤕

No that's not P@%K tools proprietary blue. It is Rustoleum high gloss "Morning Waterfall Blue." :21:




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Wow! That's awesome! A lot more substantial than a front fork in the vice I have been using. And I have several of these stools that I could convert one to a wheel truer.
The device has helped me to improve three wheels now, two fronts and a rear coaster. I have a bare 26" aluminum rim 36 hole rim. Soon I hope to get a coaster hub and try to build a wheel.
That was very creative, and you took the time to make it look good too; something I rarely do with my tools. They usually look cobbled together, because I build them for one job and then set them aside.

So far I’ve only done a few wheels since I started doing bicycles again. This is something I would definitely build if I was planning on creating a series of bicycles.

After owning 3 bicycles and six motorcycles I was really tired of spokes. When I bought my last motorcycle I made sure it had cast alloy wheels.

But now that I’m retired I have the time to do spokes again. ;)
After truing about three wheels I built my first wheel. I had a bare 26" rim, 36 used but straight, clean spokes and needed a rear hub. Since it was my first build I risked buying a under $20 36hole coaster hub on Amazon from China. Took two weeks to get here. Everything looks fine. The hub works great and I have other bikes with more runout than this wheel so it should work.

Also, I used RRB thread resources and recommendations to figure out this lacing and truing..


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