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May 2, 2011
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Here , I go again another year I told myself to sit by the side lines . Even more so this year due to the shop being bizzy . But as I’ve done before I’m building this anyways so why not put it in the build off . I purchased this bike a couple of years back just as you see it . As an original bike pile of parts . I want to try to make it multi speed so here we go Master of the Road.
Great to see you back in the fun. I never get tired of seeing glimpses of your toy chests/cabinets!!!
I think this was the first look at them back in BO7 twelve years ago.

Holy build speed, Batman! Looking gooood!
Love the lugged chainring on there
Great project and those toy and parts cabinets are fun!
I’m in a similar boat as you, I was going to do something with the DX anyway, so might as well hang out with friends and see what they’re up to.