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Rattus All Terrainus
Jul 16, 2019
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Lots of firsts today! My first BMX, first aluminum bike, first blue bike...

My math skills are not the best. I would have spent 60 bucks, just for this stack of dimes:

I guess this used to mean something:
Nice DBack. I had no idea that any of them were made in the great white north.
Looks nice. I like aluminum:bandit:

Would love to find a nice 24" BMX for kickin around.
In the process of building a 26" BMX from this old Kona instead.

Aluminum frame, check. Sealed Suzue hubbed 7x's, check. Half-link chrome chain, check. 7" rise black bars, check.
Need to get off my tail and order a BMX stem and a black layback seatpost.
Lightweight and unassuming is what I like about it.
Hahaha guess what went through my mind as I loaded up this bike...
"Hmmm. Looks like I don't need a Kona for a while!"
Yeah. That looks like a nice bike with cool sprocket, crank, and pedals.

That Kona wasn't really in rideable shape when I got it. Going to a single speed was the most economical option.
I have the little brother of your bike...a Nitrus 20...same color, same components...only smaller :grin:.

As to being made in Canada...not likely. I haven't looked at mine (I don't have the sticker as it wasn't sold in Canada), but, I bet if you flip it and look at the serial, it probably starts with a 'K'...for Kinesis...Taiwan. It is all some customs game that the Canadians play to avoid tariffs and/or shipping charges. At best it is 'assembled' in Canada, but I doubt that. McNeil bikes were the same way.
I assumed it wasn't welded here, I was being tongue in cheek about things being made in North America. Used to mean something...

I'll check the serial, I got nothing against Taiwanese welds. The majority of bikes I like were made there
Bummer...I was hoping the fates would back me up. It's still a Kinesis frame, just made in one of their China plants. The 10 in ACJ10 is the year code (2010)…the J may be date code (in this case the 10th fortnight, or the 19th or 20th week).
Figured out what the AC stands for...its Accell Group, which owned DB from early 2000s until last month (now owned by Regent). So, it is Kinesis built, just no way of knowing if it was built in Taiwan or mainland china by serial...definitely not Canada though (I believe Canadian Tire owns the rights to the DB name in Canada, however).
Ah well, now I know the "Made in Canada" sticker can come off. It was peeling already anyhow. Just a theory, maybe A for Accel, C for China?
I'm not going to do anything to this but ride it for now, maybe a few upgrades as things wear out.
I may have let one slip through my fingers last night. Walking home from the park with the fam, and it's garbage night. Scrappers roam the city, loading whatever recyclables they can find to bring to the metal place. Truck rolls by with a bike in it. My eight year old says, "Dad, do you see the Specialized?" I go into panic mode, cuz it looks just like mine. Did I leave it outside? DID SOMEONE BREAK INTO THE GARAGE?!! Instead of flagging them down, I RUN home to ensure the safety of the fleet. All good, except for the nagging voice at the back of my mind as to wether I could have gotten another one for 20 bucks or something...
Couple of goodies down at the clearance store:
Brand new, never installed Tektro Vees, FSA integrated headset (might be for bikes, was in a bin full of scooter parts lol), and some good all around bike lube. Hopefully it will fix up the shifting on my Rapidfires.
All at significant discount of sticker price.
This is my father's day gift to me. Free

Early ninties nishiki expedition.
Look! Words!

And some funky cantis:

Gonna have to find a couple of thumbies

I told my kid 100% this had to go

But I'm not sure

Plan for this one is to turn it into a road-ish tourer or city bike type thing. Geared, rideable for long distances. Well, longish, I have a 30k loop around the city I'd like to do