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rgallen said:
Hey: It's awful quiet in Uncle Stretch-Ville. I keep looking for the last-last one and haven't seen it yet. You gotta have one more that is so simple that you are making it too complicated in your head. Don't let me down now. You know you got it in ya, or at least I do anyway. Looking for ya.
I got overwhelmed with stuff(bikes) hitting me in my shop ,while I try to work. I've gotten rid of several bikes and since I'm doing this I decided to get rid of all my stock bikes. That will actually let me concentrate on my custom frames. Its kinda of a struggle to get rid of all of them .I had let my bike affliction get way out of hand. I got my whole back yard replanted solid,and my sheetrock replaced,and most of my house painted. Im really moving right along. It shouldnt be too much longer till I'm coming up with something new. :roll:
THANK GOD!!!!! I was actually worried that maybe you were serious about not building any more
bike's ......
This bike is so awsome, and when I seen it yesterday I was stunned because it looked very similar to one that I drew up a week ago! The sketch I made didn't have twin bars thru the middle like yours, I planned on a 1" bar with a gradual bend and my bottom bracket is in the middle of a curved piece of 1", other than that, WOW! I will admit that the rear end was drawn after Last Shot's with the seat tube bent to flow with the rear tire. You are definetly one awsome builder and if it alright with you, I'd still like to go forward with building my version. I do have the RRBBO to deal with now so after that was when I planned to get started. You rock budd! Keep bending 'n welding!
The only reason I build these are to show everybody how easy it can be done. Your welcome to copy anything I have ever done. Mine is for training purposes and pure enjoyment . :lol: I try to find out what can mess up in the hopes that everybody wont make the same mistakes. I learned alot playing and I hope I got everybody to thinking that if they want something it. If I can then anybody can. Glad you like my stuff.
i just read this whole thread, all 16 bleepin' pages of it... i just couldn't stop. The beginning, it read like a thriller my heart was pounding... was the poor bike going to survive or would it end up in pieces on the floor of this guy's shop? :shock: But it progressed into a a romantic comedy you know, all warm and fuzzy like yay the bike made it... I love you red paint job, I love you too rear dropouts... hahaha just like skittles... your wife did the spring point lm@o :lol:

If you couldn't tell I really enjoyed this build, and I honestly think what you ended up with is better than what you were aiming for,even though they are still very similar. BTW the double tubing was worth the extra work and I'm glad you cut that BB sprocket thing off, cool idea but not for this bike. I am just learning to weld with aspirations of making my own frame from scratch and hopefully someday I'll get where you're at. Thanks for the inspiration Unkie stretch

Thanks...glad you liked it. It was a long build. I have neglected my building because it so hot. Adding cooling my shop and the extra for the welder drives my already high light bill through the roof. I tried to show that anybody can build the frame of their dreams , with a little work. I will get back to frame building when it cools off some. I am going to take a different approach to it this next time. I'm going to build a frame and mock it up with the same parts (good ones I hope) then take it apart and sell the frame. If it will sell I will build something else. Watch the weather in Texas and when its cool ....THE SHOP WILL OPEN AGAIN. :wink:
I hope you don't mind I took the liberty of photoshoping your frame a bit. Once I feel a little more comfortable with the welder I might take a stab @ this.
I dunno.. maybe too advanced for a first go round. Neways I think it looks cool and would look sick w/ triple trees, thought you may want to see it.

That does look good. I have learned from past mistakes that several dimensions are critical . The distance from the crank to the front wheel, the distance from the seatpost to the crank , and the crank to the ground. I know what fits me , and every frame I build has the same dimensions . Once that is figured out ,the frame design is whatever you decide looks good. You can build something that looks really good , but if it won't ride then you messed up. I have seen a lot of frames built and then they have to stick a wheel or something on the chain because they didn't think enough ahead to make sure the chain wouldn't hit the stays. Smashing your foot into the back of the tire when you pedal is poor planning too. Look at what your doing and think several moves ahead and they work a lot better. :lol:
I built several , and found if I stayed in the 23'' from the side of the BB to the top of the seatpost mount then they fit me perfect. I'm 5'9'' and have a 30'' inseam. I did one a little shorter 21'' and it was good also ,but almost too short. It really makes a difference on that measurement. Another inch and your stretching to pedal. I found most of my dimensions , through trial and error. If you were to get too long you can cut the BB off and weld a longer tube to hold it , or make a Basman type seatpost that will let you slide the seat forward. Hope that helps.
I have gotten rid of all of them. A person can only have so many bikes. I have 4 left and
they aren't much. Just my riders. Bikes are like old tennis shoes ,if you don't watch out you are
knee deep in them. I started thinking I am old and could drop at any minute and my wife
would have to do something with all this stuff. I sold some and threw away lots till I
got down to pretty lean. I'm going to do it one more time and should be good to go. :roll:
I see and totally understand what you´re saying. At the same time I feel sad all your talent, vision and skills you have for this hobby get to rest. What if you get a young apprentice? Some kid willing to learn and with enough room to fill it with cool bikes.

I wish I´d lived closer so we could build a Basman together...
Thats apprentice. I really don't work and play well with others......just kidding
Nothing I do is really anything. I have built stuff all my life. My dad said if I wasn't going to
college I better learn how to do everything. I have no design skills. I dream stuff up from
what I have seen. I regret not building a switchblade. I think they are one of the best frame
designs that I have seen. If one comes up cheap I may buy it. ha ha There are a bunch of talented
people here that will fill my shoes. Always one better. :wink:
Uncle Stretch said:
There are a bunch of talented
people here that will fill my shoes. Always one better. :wink:

Yeah, I think that´s half true, talented people for sure, filling your shoes... :roll: I believe you´re a great builder.
If you keeping your tools, it will be tough to beat the need for a build, when it comes... :wink:
I appreciate the vote of confidence. I have had most of my tools since I was young. My welder
gun and cable messed up the other day. I went to the Miller dealer to get it fixed or a new one.
They asked me how long I had it. Tried to think when I bought maybe 77 or 78. They said
to replace the hose and gun if it still worked that it was better than a new one I could buy. So $115
later and its back at work. I have used it a bunch for all these years without a blip. Was a quality unit.
Wish Miller made a truck. I would defiantly buy one. I have an antique Emerson fan that I run all day everyday
for the last 17 years. Its from the 40's. Still works perfect...they didn't build trucks either.
My wife´s uncle drives a 1952 ford truck, that thing is beyond rat, rusted red primed parts attached with each other to the body with wire, Chevy motor, only God knows what brand of gear box and trans it has, missing the original bed he engineered a "wooden" one...
It just wont die! Seriously that thing is unstoppable. Do that to brand new F150 and see what happens :?