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  • -BMX suitable for an adult to ride, can be set up for park/race/dirt/tricks whatever...
  • -Klunker/Bomber/Hybrid/MTB... (anywhere from period correct early single speed coaster brake Bomber/Klunker to current carbon frame, hydraulic disc, full suspension Mountain bike)
    • This is not a build-off for your everyday cruiser, perfect restoration, or your ride to the shops bikes... This is for bikes that are meant to be ridden hard and fast, jumped, skidded and abused in an off road setting!


The 2 out 3 rule: Must meet at least 2 of the following 3 options:

  • Rear tire larger than the front (Wider or taller or both)
  • Banana or polo seat
  • Muscle bike appropriate bars (Apehangers, steering wheels, "weird" bars...)
    • You CAN have all three options!

Contest runs - 11/1/2021 to 3/1/2022

  • All threads and subforums will be locked at 6pm CST US on 3/1/22 to prepare the voting

Standard rules:

* You are expected to start a build thread in the appropriate class “Build Journal” section and post progress pics as you go.
  • Please don't just build away and expect to jump in at the last second with a finished bike. You can enter at any time before the deadline, but the build must not be finished when you enter
* Keep a running journal in your thread about your build showing the steps you are taking

* You must post a thread in the appropriate “Finished Bikes” subforum for your class once your work is complete. Please make the first photo in your finished thread your top choice as it will be the photo used in the voting process. If your builds rideability is questionable you may be asked to provide a riding video, just to quell that concern

* Multiple entries from one builder are allowed, but they must have their own build threads as well as their own finished threads and be entered for voting separately

  • * Bike must be built within the dates specified. It must not be started before the start date
  • * Bike must be pedal powered and ridable

You may notice the 'all welding must be done by the builder' rule is left out this year, feel free to take advantage of it!
Frame built from scratch are welcome too
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