Meet Schwinn Twins, Rosebud & American Beauty

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Aug 10, 2022
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I though you might like to see our twin bikes, Rosebud & American Beauty. Both are vintage MW Schwinns.

Rosebud is a 1980 Schwinn Typhoon while American Beauty is a 1973. I built them as twin bikes for me and the girlfriend to ride on biking adventures together. Both are running period vintage Troxel saddles, new Sturmey-Archer front drums, new Shimano Nexus coaster 3-speeds, and stock 46t Typhoon chain rings mated to big S/A 22t rear cogs. The Schwinn rims were switched out for vintage painted steel Western Flyer rims so the bikes could run modern 2.125 tires.

Rosebud was built to look like a Royal Enfield motorbike while American Beauty was given classic Schwinn cues. Rosebud has a 1981 NOS Stewart Warner speedometer while American Beauty runs an old counterclockwise SW speedo.

Both bikes were built to run as we ride them about 20 miles every Sunday, weather permitting. My girlfriend has dubbed them "Duesenbikes" as she says they remind her of the old Duesenberg cars.

Both are loads of fun to tinker with and to ride.


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