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Jul 2, 2023
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Burt, Iowa
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Got my latest obsession delivered today.
Started pulling the bike apart today just to clean the dust and a bit of old dried up spray lubricant that collected dirt and just taking a closer look at how this bike and components are put together. And the rear wheel at a glance looks like any other I have or have seen until you look close. The rotor only has 3 mounting holes. Not sure if they line up with every other hole on a 6 hole rotor. And the portion the rotor mounts to is mounted with 3 nuts and bolts using 3 spoke holes that have been drilled out on the hub and has new spoke holes as part of the mounting bracket/plate/ring. Also has a hub brand I've not come across before. And I noticed the rear rotor is considerably smaller in diameter than the front. I've only ever seen them the same size or the rear larger. (Not that if studied this about bikes). Just a few things I've never seen before and to me add up to big $$$ for any of the parts if they are available. Lol.



As I come across other oddities I'll post here.

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