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Was planning on sneaking a few minor jobs in while at work the last couple of days. Over 100mm of rain on the weekend meant I came back to the workshop to find it had suffered a bit of flooding, 50mm at least. Meant on top of the usual tasks I’ve had to clear everything out and replace some waterlogged shelving instead.
Little things progressing. Unfortunately the big thing, the battery mount is causing some issues.

In the mean time the Interceptor has pedals and a chain and has taken me round the block. Battery is out charging at present - this one was easy to mount. 2 nutserts into the frame and boot it in.

Some progress today. Bits and pieces.
Painted chain guards.

Filed back the disc mount so I could fit the caliber. The mount was a bit close to the rotor so the adapter was too wide. Brakes fitted now. You can just see the shiny surface behind the fork plate. (Bike is upside down)

Also played with the battery mounting and this plate should be suitable. Need to add 20mm spacer at the back due to the shape of the top tube.

And spent probably way too long with a sharp knife cutting out some vinyl lettering through a paperback printed template. Cheap and suits sitting with the family in front of the telly instead of being isolated in the shed though.


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Now the end result is a bit more obvious I’ve updated the name.

I’d always thought the big black beast driven by Mad Max, the last of the V8s, was the Interceptor. Turns out officially it was a Pursuit Special. So this tribute is more appropriate to be just a Pursuit model.
I guess times up. Unfortunately this one threw me too many curve balls to fit with the remaining time (thanks to my procrastination). Happy to have got this far, but the frustrations got the better of me. Mounting the battery took about 4 times longer than expected and still isn’t right. I’m glad I got the brakes fitted, but left the cables etc off until the e-kit is ready.

Final straw last night was the chain guard not fitting so I stopped. The guard was off another bike and the holes didn’t line up by a few mm.

Still have a deadline for a car show in late October to get it finished. Then I can cruise to the show on this and have the Interceptor (prop bike - class 2) alongside. Link:

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