Mongoose Villain 25th Anniversary. red bmx

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Apr 24, 2007
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no brakes. Takes U style for the back wheel. Will try some polishing compound on the faded red to see if it will come back. I had a red Toyota long ago that faded like this. Hum, what year did Mongoose start?

Mongoose.Villain.25th.Anniversary.ACL8G05537 (1).JPG
Mongoose.Villain.25th.Anniversary.ACL8G05537 (4).JPG
No luck on the faded paint. My polishing compound didn't touch it. No red on the white rag. Looks like the clear coat wasn't a uv blocker. No rust to speak of but why faded? Bikes left out doors here over a winter get pretty rusty in a hurry.

The headset was buggered. Top race was upside down and on top of the spacers. And the top cup was severely pitted. I had one so in my parts bins so I replaced that. The bottom race just has the paint worn off so barely touched in 25 years.

Rear axle was nearly locked up. One lock nut loose. Looked like original grease in there. The 14mm axle is slightly bent on one end. 3/16" bearings in there. 12 on each side. Nearly no wear on the cones.

Kenda Komfort tires. Surely not stock. Decent tires anyhow.

1999 should predate the Pacific ownership of Mongoose. There is a made in Taiwan decal on it.
Ha. thanks. I had not looked that close.

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