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At Goodwill today, like new six bike floor stand for $16
Who could AFFORD six bikes let alone have six bikes or necessitate the need to even think about having a six bike rack, who does that and do they have a secondhand license to sell because obviously they are intending to sell bikes with a degree of high stock rotation so the rack can never be full?
Well it is possible to decide which bikes you really want to ride, and keep the rest as parts. I have a total of five bikes built up to ride: two in the city and three in the countryside, plus another two bikes to sell next spring. All the rest are broken down into spare parts.

Here are two of my spare frames, ready for whatever my next build might be:

Getting behind on finds. Don't even have photos of some. A contact told me a lady had four bikes (Mt. Bikes) she wanted one fixed and I could keep the other three. I have been fixing up bikes and giving them away so this gave me three more.

She wanted to keep this one. It is in my stand because I had to change out the front derailleur and some other things.

There was this hyper that just needed the chain threaded back over the cogs ($148 at Walmart here) Still has the stickers and looks like new. Now that I am retired this retired pastor has a pastor. I'm trying to give it to my pastor.


There was also a women's Huffy full suspension bike and a men's hard tail. The women's was like new. The men's needed work and parts.

Finally, a person pictured this Roadmaster as a curb alert twenty minutes before I read it. Traveled about 5 miles, brought it home and parted it out. First 29er I have ever had.

Actually a Facebook Marketplace find for $40. The saddle is a Brooks B130. Right now I'm on rrb seeing if I need to put anything on the leather. It's in great shape but seems dry.
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This one was actually on Garbage Day, but on Market Place. An Electra, Towne 3S. Three speed coaster with a suspension fork. Got it for $20. All the shift linkage is toast. However, if I manually move the hub with the shift rod it transitions smoothly through all the gears. I think there is a shifter assembly in my shed.

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