Muscle Bike Build Off....anyone up for it?!?

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Sorry Guys, been away again for a while, huge changes for me lately...

So rule set we settled on was Class 1 as per usual MBBO: (Muscle Bike Build Off)

The 2 out 3 rule: Must meet at least 2 of the following 3 requirements:

1: Rear tire larger than the front. (Wider or taller or both.)
2: Banana seat.
3: Muscle bike appropriate bars. (Apehangers, steering wheels...)
You can have all three.

Class 2 is new and open aside from all tires must be under 21" overall diameter.

Dates are Oct 1st 2019 to Feb 1st 2020.

You are expected to start a build thread and post progress pics as you go, please don't just build away and expect to jump in at the last second with a finished bike, you can enter at any time before the deadline, but the build must not be finished when you enter.

If your builds rideability is questionable please provide a riding picture or video, just to quell that question from those that like to cause trouble.

Multiple entries from one builder are allowed, but they must have their own build threads and be entered for voting separately with a single bike voting picture.


Please don't argue over the rules, this is what works.

Please don't start questioning whether someone's build is a "Muscle Bike", if it meets the rules, it is fine. :thumbsup:

Please keep comments lighthearted and positive, this is a fun build-off, if you start causing trouble you might just get removed... :comando:
21" and under Class 2 does not require apes, banana seat, or smaller front tire?

Is that correct?
21" and under Class 2 does not require apes, banana seat, or smaller front tire?

Is that correct?
You are correct! :thumbsup:
I'm building a BMX...
That's funny... I'm 5'6" and way closer to 220 than I'd like to admit... and I still ride 20". :bigsmile::21::rofl:
OK so now this seems to be a trend, LukeTheJoker maybe we should add a third class for us guys over/under 225 lb especially since I'm a 6'1" 250 pounder :39::rofl:
I tried riding the Shredder,
but kept flipping over backwards every time I popped a wheelie.

So I'm building a BIG-BOY 20" bike.