my new 27 ford project

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Nov 30, 2006
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sacramento, ca
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well a few of you have heard rumblings about this so here it is. the frame is a 28, the body is a glass 27 and i was told the banjo rear end is a 31. the engine i am going to stick in it is a 389 pontiac, but that will have to wait till i get the frame z'ed and striped down. i am going to run the front axle spring over, tall white walls, panel paint, a wally parks style windshield, and keep the wire wheels. it will be called TRIBUTE when done as i am taking this and that from different styles and mixing it into one rather than stick with one style. it will probably piss people off but thats just fine with me. here ya go i know it does not look like much now.




If you're starting with a glass body, the purists shouldn't have too much to complain about. That looks like the beginnings of a sick rod!
I thought I had pictures of mine on Photobucket, but I don't. Here's a picture of it behind a pesky old bicycle, It's a glass body too, a Poliform body. Oh, I built it when I lived in Northern CA.


I'll try and make a folder in Photobucket later and post ore pictures. Dean
Adam as long as its done in time for the rodeo thats all that matters :lol: It looks like it will be a cool project......I am a little excited I will finally get my Monte Carlo back on the road soon....and maybe get crazy and prime it one color :shock:
no sorry i dont think she will be done by then but we are shooting for billetproof next year. thanks for the comments
All 3 or 4 variations of 389's are good engines, once you swap out the timing gear. :wink: Stock H.O. motor is :shock: AWESOME 8) . Just tell 'em you put it in the bucket so you could reach the distributor. :lol: :mrgreen:
thanks and yea i think the frame will need to be stretched a bit to accomidate that 389. yes it will be channeled maybe even a bit more as it wont have opening doors so i gotta be able to hop in. but no matter what i am going to have to do some glass work to it
yea i am not really looking forwards to it i have done it before and no matter how many showers you take after you still itch
ill give you a shop hint on how to stay somewhat unitchy(youll still be miserable though)
get a paint suit/head sock vasaline any exposed skin you have and then tape all the cuffs/openings shut...
youll be sweaty and slimy but at least you wont have glass stuck in everything :lol:
im lucky...i never have to work with that junk eyes swell shut and i cant breathe so my shop keeps it away from me(tried going into kens customs to talk with my friend thats there and had to leave after 2 min :lol: )
yea i remember you telling me that story. i am not affected by the stuff that much. still working on getting the garage where i can work on stuff again including the build off challenge bike, i had it all clean then all of a sudden there was a ton of new tools sitting in the middle of it lol
I learned to find a boat repair guy that was cheap and he could do wonders with a chop gun. I built My floor out of 3/4'' plywood and had him spray it both sides. It came out really stiff. You could jump on it without problems. Good luck with your project.