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May 3, 2008
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I just got this yesterday, it's a 2010 Eastern Night Train. I've been looking to get into dirt jumping for a little while now, and I'd been doing some research and came across this complete for cheap. It was advertised as a color screwup. The forks weren't supposed to be purple, and it has a pretty unique setup, so I got it at a nice price drop. I think it looks pretty good though, so whatever. It's a single speed (25/12) with left hand drive and Argyle 318 forks. The rest of the components are pretty much all Eastern, but their high end stuff, not the cheap stuff like on their lower end BMX completes. I love the feel, it handles like my Liquor OG, just bigger and faster. Can't wait to take it out and really hit the streets (and some jumps!)
Cool bike but just wondering what the significance of the the left side drive was on a dirt jumper ? Is it just to be different or is there a reason to move it to the left ?
CCR, it's for park riding. I grind on the right when I'm riding, and my Liquor OG is LHD, so I'm used to that kind of setup. The Night Train is pretty much a giant 20" bike, and it's set up for use as a DJ, street, or park bike, just like a lot of 20"s. I actually have a peg on the right side (not up front, just in back) for that.
Cool thats what i thought it was for, i guess i was expecting you to stick to dirt jumps on it or something and didnt understand where a LSD would benefit a dirt bike ... sorry for the stupid question ... just had to ask sorta thing :mrgreen: Now I know
I could so hurt myself on that thing.. :shock:

is it a 24 or 26?...29? I think they have those now... /drool
CCR, not a stupid question at all, I didn't even know you could get lhd MTB hubs until I saw this one, which was a big part of why I got the bike. I can't imagine it having much of a market, but I love how much easier it'll be to adapt my riding to a bigger bike. It looks like a lot of what's on the DJ market these days is essentially geared towards the BMX market, so kids can use the same bike for dirt jumping, park, street, whatever.

Scrumblero, it's a 26, and yeah, I'm definitely going to hurt myself on it... :D
KILLER!!!Love those bikes and they ride really smooth.A couple friends I ride with have those and Ive done a little riding on them myself.One of the guys I ride with has through axles front and back and runs pegs on his.I want one but in 24''.I saw a electric purple GT Rukus in 24'' on CL a while back and screwed up and didnt get it.Could have been the lack of funds that happened!!HAHA!!Just hope that bike comes back up.
I've had a few 24s, but I could never get into riding them. It's weird, I'm way more comfortable on a 20 than I ever was on a 24. I was a little nervous buying the Eastern because of that, but already I can tell, this is going to be my main ride for quite a while. They nailed the geometry so well, the ride feels almost exactly like my Liquor, but it doesn't kill my back to ride for more than 15 minutes. The reason I wanted a DJ to begin with was that I got my neck and back messed up in a car accident earlier this year. Riding BMX is really painful right now, but I get a little bored just riding a cruiser around my neighborhood alone after a while... I was hoping a DJ would let me ride like a BMX, but be easier on my back. So far, so good. I still haven't done anything too crazy on it (and I don't plan to for a while...) but when I'm well enough, this bike is definitely up for the abuse.
I'll also say, I spent most of last night riding, and I can't wait to hit the trails with this thing. Even riding on relatively flat ground, this bike is dying to jump. It's super easy to get the front end up, which surprised me with a 5lb fork. I also switched out the Eastern pedals for some Odyssey PCs, because the Eastern ones were garbage. Here's a few more pics.

I like how these frames have a low top bar so the seat can be so much lower.My Specialized DJ bike is like that.Have you checked out the Doberman full suspention frame with horizontal bmx style rear dropouts!!??7.9 pounds for the frame with the shock included.Im hoping they build a 24'' vrsion.My back in so jacked right now also.I have a slipped disc in my lower back from jumping stair sets and wall rides on my Fit CR24.What helped me was taller bars.I do want tpo lighten my Specialized up with lighter parts.I think thats gonna help alot.
Which specialized do you have? I was looking at the P2, but I'm not crazy about aluminum frames. I know they make a chromoly one, but I ended up finding the Eastern with Argyle 318s for a few hundred less than the LBS was selling the P2 with DJ3s. I did like the geometry of the Specialized, though, and the fact that it was a 9 speed. Maybe down the line...
I haven't seen a fs Dobermann yet, but I looked at the Pinscher for a minute. They make really nice frames, I'm sure the FS will be awesome. Hope they do come out with a 24!
As for my back, I fractured my C6 vertebrae and have a bulging disc in between C7/T1, and a bunch of soft tissue damage in my neck and mid back because someone plowed into me while I was stopped in traffic. Couldn't ride at all all summer long, barely back cruising on a bike now, and hoping to be comfortable on a bike again by next summer.
This is my Specialized''DJ'' bike.I want to change a few things on it but its rides solid.The cranks are the real issue right now.They creek like you wouldnt believe.Ive got some Profiles for it,they just havent gone on yet.Since I got my Fit CR24 I havent really even touched this bike,so now my wife has taken it over.I started building a cromo Haro Steel Reserve but lost interest in building another 26''.I REALLY want a cromo 24'' GT Ruckus in that electric purple color!!!