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Oct 5, 2011
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Farmington Hills, MI
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Hello all. I'm Josh and I like old bicycles.

I am now getting back into the bicycle fixing thing, which I have always liked. I went to many classic bike shows as a teen tagging along with Dad and Uncle who were advertising the chrome shop and selling rechromed bike parts. I have been a regular cycler on my 27" Fuji 12 sp road bike or one of a few cheapie MBs I have, but no plans to do any restoration or customizations to the long distance bikes like that.

The only bike I have already built is what started as a 68 StingRay frame. It now has a copper plated frame, everything else chromed. The only paint is on the headbadge. I was 15 when I built it with a lot of help from Dad and his chrome plating business.

I also have a 67 StingRay 5sp Ramshorn Fastback that is original (blue.) I like to take it out and ride it here and there. no real plans to change it, it's fun as is.

My current project is a 1967 Schwinn Lil Tiger. I got this thing at an auction down the street for $2!! :mrgreen: This will eventually be for my 1 and 2 year olds to play with. I will give it the same copper/chrome theme as the 68. I plan on listing the progress so far on the Lil Tiger here in the forums.

Next on the list is a 60's Men's 26" Huffy Eldorado. This one was given to me by an employee who got it for free and then lost interest. it will be customized. I'm thinking maybe a polished and/or brushed nickel plated frame, aftermarket springer....

Then I will have my teeth cut enough to restore an early 50's Men's Hawthorne tank bike that I picked up recently. This one will be restored back to original as best my budget will allow. it will feel weird actually painting something. I paid out $75 for this beauty but I like it and I can even ride it, albeit slowly.
I'm learning a new way to post pics. All my other forums I can be lazy and use attachments. :shock:



I'm yet to get the other bikes on photobucket, but so far I really like this site, so I can gitrdunn.
Hey Josh, hello and welcome to RatRodBikes! :)

Yer plated Sting-Ray is REALLY COOL!!!!! 8) I'd love to see some more pics of it!

When ya put that Lil-Tiger together fer yer kids, leave off the chain and cranks/pedals . . . after they coast it around for a while, they learn how to balance. It won't take them long to get the hang of it . . . you'll be surprised! Then put the cranks/pedals and chain on it and they will be riding! NO TRAINING WHEELS!
Markm said:
welcome :mrgreen:
where in Indiana are ya??

Hagerstown. It's just west of Richmond, IN. Laporte, IN looks to be not far from where I grew up in Muskegon, MI.


I just may try that idea, but i don't know if I will be able to resist putting it all together, lol. Strangely enough I do not have any more pics of the 68 copper Stingray. It hangs from the ceiling on display in the shop office so I see it everyday.
Hello Josh

Welcome,I know where Hagerstown is because I grew up in Middletown,and then moved to Anderson. I now live in Vincennes

Very cool StringRay,really like the cooper plate

Look forward to seeing your Eldorado and Hawthorne build