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May 29, 2023
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Brighton Colorado
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Got my first bike in 1971, a 20 inch schwinn, yellow with black stripes on the fenders and black banana seat. Rode that thing till the frame broke in the early 80's.

Been playing with bikes up till eight years ago. Built a Schwinn heavy duty with a gas engine, would run like wild fire till a dog came out of nowhere and put me in the hospital, busted up pretty good. Have not been on anything with less than 4 wheels since.

Fast forward to last month, wife decided she wants a trike to do the bike path thing and that I should get a bike to ride with her. OK??? real nervous about getting back on a bike. So got her a trike project, got me an old schwin corvette and a wasp! LOL Go big!

Trikes done, almost but rideable, already sold the corvette and the wasp, found out the riding was good but the stop and dismount was awful, fell a couple of times (old age).

So two days ago found this like new Schwinn cruiser four, step through and just love the darn thing! Like the nexus hub other than wishing first gear was a bit lower, still a nice bike! Will have questions soon about changing the gearing, for another post.

Any hoo, here I am!
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