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Feb 9, 2024
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I love bicycles. My mom tells a story of when i was littke that i took a bike apart with my teeth. From going tobthe circus and seeing them bike across the tight rope, to seeing the xgames and custom fabrication shows on tv. I always have loved the style of the Chicago schwinn . Theres just something about it that is like a time capsule of humanity or something, only limited by the best that was available in its day, especially in terms of manufacturing them at the time. I remember having a old girls huffy 20 inch that did the best wheelies. I've had my eyes set on the schwinn fairlady. Thank god for colloctors, because i wasn't even born when they were selling them. I'd love to find an og fairlady stingray with 3 speed ajd hand brakes. Idk if i want the slik chik or not, i feel like it would be better to have a tread like pattern but idk . I recently pucked up a schwinn collegiate with a step through frane because it looks a lot like the stardust. I also gave a haro bmx bike, and am into motorcycles.
Hello, @debbiek271 , and welcome! Its possible that no one responded to your comment "... took apart a bike with my teeth..." because I wonder how many members on this site have set their teeth down somewhere and are still looking for them.......🤣........(me included).🤣

Now, what was I just doing........

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