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Apr 13, 2024
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Benton, Arkansas, USA
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Hi. Im a new member. Jason Masters. Happy to be here. I have always tinkered around with restoring bikes and motorcycles, and I saved this Huffy 26 inch Good Vibrations bike from the dumpster a couple weeks ago, and decided to rod it a little, and found this site. I'm about to take the wheels off, and paint the pink rims flat black, and put new Duro Lowrider tires on it. A few other touches to make it look cool. I'm guessing this is circa 1990s?


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Greetings, this is a great community. Lots of fun, interesting and informative things to explore here. Pix are always welcome.........
Welcome brother. What til May 1st and enter into the fun we have with the annual build off. There's usually two classes, Traditional and Unlimited, depends on structural changes etc like no cut and weld or scratchbuilts in the Traditional class and not much for rules in the Unlimited class. The rules will be posted up somewhere soon...
Greetings. Cool bike to start with. I’m guessing it was made at the earliest in the aughts judging by how the forks taper. Also Huffys headbadge decal for the better part of the 90’s (I’d guess at least ‘til ‘96-‘98[?]) was an American flag with Huffy written underneath (I have an early 90’s era Good Vibes that I just modded recently and I’m really not done with it 😉. Just using that as a reference). Also, I noticed that the rims were painted. I don’t recall Huffy painting the rims of their cruisers during that period. But I could be wrong. But anyway welcome aboard and can’t wait to see the finished results. There’s some guys on here that work miracles on flipping “ladies” bikes. Unless I’m building one for a lady, I’m usually cannibalizing ‘em for parts 😄