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SOLD NOS Wald Riser/Mini Ape Hanger Handlebars

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Jan 30, 2012
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El Lago, TX
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Wald 870, Made in USA, Hi-Rise Cruiser/Muscle Bike Handlebar 24.5-Inches Wide, Chrome, 9.5-Inch Rise (Note both are the same size the angle of the picture makes the bottom set appear wider). I call these mini-ape hangers. Both are NOS, and in new condition. Looks like they sell new for around $50.

$35.00 each Shipped or both for $60.00 Shipped in CONUS.
32E01102-E9C3-42CC-9835-2BD284565DE1.jpeg 84281B07-E293-41FF-97CC-0569B0238C32.jpeg 445264C9-3F20-4F8D-BE95-DB2FD74B098A.jpeg
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