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Jan 31, 2007
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Nürnberg, Germany
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I am Stefan from Nürnberg in Germany, and I'm 40 years old. I think I was cycling all my life... Long ago, I was interested in old cars. Due to a lack of money and space, I focused on motorcycles, and later I started collecting bicycles (cheap bicycles that crossed my way). I have now about 10 bikes, (including the frames lying around in my basement) and a lot of old parts. I prefer old French bicycles, because they are more elegant than German bikes. Now I have no car, but still a motorcycle.
I work as a "photoshopper" in a photo studio, and I like taking pictures with cheap plastic cameras.

I have
-a Peugeot allround bike which I bought new in 1981 (and still running!)
-a Cannondale Killer from the mid 90s
-a Motobécane Prestige road racing bike (early 70s)
-a Motobécane folding bike (early 70s)
-a Vélosolex 4-speed bike, probably from the 60s
-a Bianchi mtb from the 80s, converted to single speed, my winter commuting bike.

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