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Apr 24, 2007
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A bicycle rim tree.

parts list:
3 Seven foot "garden sticks". Plastic coated steel tubes from the local home store. $2 each.
7 bike rims, different sizes from 10" to 27" from junked bikes or wheels $0
1 pack of green 8" Zip ties. $5.

If you have Scout or fishing knot tying skills, use twine or wire instead of zip ties.
Drill a through hole in each garden stick at one end. Drill bit size just big enough to fit your zip ties through.
Zip tie the 3 sticks together through the holes, loosely for now. This is the top.

Zip tie the largest rim near the bottom (6 to 10" from the floor/ground) of the 3 garden sticks.

place each rim over the top, let it find its natural position, zip tie in place.

Let the kids and spouse decorate it. Lights, tinsel, leaves from trees, evergreen sprigs, awwww forbidden donuts.

Will double as a large tomato plant stand next spring. Most commercial tomato stands aren't up to the job anyhow.

rim.tree.v2 (5).JPG
rim.tree.v2 (6).JPG
rim.tree.v2..7 (1).JPG
rim.tree.v2..7 (2).JPG
rim.tree.v2 (1).JPG

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