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Dec 10, 2020
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This is my custom build based on a 1911-1915 Harley Davidson.
This is actually a gray color even though my phone makes it look light blue.
Ruff Cycles parts consist of frame, both tanks, springer forks, seat, tires, crankset, and stem. Rims are Felt 26x50mm. 12g stainless spokes. Shimano 36h Dynamo hub provides power to the headlight and taillight.
Ebikeling 1200w hub motor kit with integrated controller inside hub. Custom UPP battery inside upper tank. Lower tank houses wiring and power switch control module.
Headlight is a authentic early 1900s motorcycle headlight that I found on Ebay.
After several hours of polishing, I installed a modern day Busch and Muller Dynamo headlight into a 5 3/4 headlight housing and installed the whole assembly into this vintage housing. Taillight is also Busch and Muller.
I used axle u-bolts to mount it to front springer forks.
Pedals and sprocket are Lawless. 2 Shadow Conspiracy Supreme 1/2 link chains round out the drive train.
With the disc brakes, electronics and stainless allen hardware throughout, this is a moden take on a vintage bike
Too bad. It really helps clean up the lines. I'm building a stretch ebike that I want to keep minimalist.
Wow, that's an amazing looking bike! Great job on all the details, it really works. I've always loved antique motorcycles and you've really got me thinking about building something like this in the future. :thumbsup: