Pre war Dayton and Monark Silver king

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May 14, 2012
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Plainfield IL
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No pics of the Dayton just yet, got it in monday on trade from MOS.

I was super excited for this.


So much that I got it home and swapped parts and did this. Probably won't stay like this but it's cool to see fat franks on it.




Looks great as it sits. I'm sure you can sweeten it up a little more, but i'm diggin' it already. The wheel/tire combo looks great!
Just awesome. I got similar tyres on my '53 Super Deluxe! 8)
Thanks, as MonarkofSocal knows I've been eye'n up a few and hadn't been successfull in getting one. But just happened to find this on CL, had $ and all worked out. Been polishing it a little at a time, that's a lot of work.
Thanks. I had texted the guy I bought the SK from the following moring and sent a pic of it like this. He was glad it went to a home that it was built up and being used. He said it hadn't been riden in 50 years. Pretty cool. Its funny with my Elgin being such a cool bike, this has still become my favorite bike I have owned, not sure what I'm doing with it, but I know I'm not done.
Forgot to mention, took the Monark and my sons Jesse James chopper bike up to our local cruise night Tuesday. I thought it was funny to be riding a pretty rare bike that most people would have never seen or heard of and his JJ bike got more comments than anything. Lol, all that matters is he enjoys the heck out of that bike.
The Monark is really cool. Did you have to trade the kid for the frame? :D