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Dec 13, 2016
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SFV - Los Angeles
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Hello Everyone!

Guess who’s making RRB shirts, decals and who knows what other random goodies?! THIS GUY!

These shirts are designed, hand pressed and will be shipped out by me, a RatRod Biker, bike enthusiast and CRUISER from the San Fernando Valley, CA.
Not every shirt is perfect, but I would never sell you something that I wouldn’t wear! Besides if everything was perfect would it still be a RATROD?

Most of the shirts are going to be on a “Limited Run”.. If these aren’t your cup of tea then sit tight, maybe the next run will have something that interests you!

DISCLAIMER: “Although I have been approved to produce RatRodBikes decals and gear, I am NOT affiliated with RatRodBikes.”. Any questions, comments, concerns, love, hate, jokes or even anything related to the RRB merch I’ll be producing send it MY WAY please!

Price: $25 shipped for 1 shirt, add $20 for each additional shirt.
Ex: 2 shirts is $45 shipped in the U.S, 3 shirts is $65 shipped and so on...
*Please note that International shipping rates will vary. Message me for your shipping rate.*
Shipping will include a tracking number thru USPS.

Message me with your choice of shirt, size and address. Once payment is received I'll send you back the tracking info. At the moment I only accept: Paypal, Zelle and Venmo.

Available Sizes S - XL, plus sizes 2XL-4XL add an additional $2.
Here we go:

“The RRB Outline Shirt” (A simple take on the RRB Logo):
RRB Outline.jpg

“Badged Up” (2 sided shirt):

My personal favorite “Putting the RATROD into BIKES”:

Gildan 100% Heavy Cotton T-Shirts
Machine was cold, dry low and remember to flip it inside out before washing to preserve the ART.

Siser 600 Block Vinyl
  • “Badged Up”
  • “Putting the RATROD into BIKES”
Premium Puff Vinyl
  • “RRB Outline”

I will be eventually selling some RRB t-shirt prototypes/1-off’s that looked good on paper but weren’t something that I was fond of, yet! Stay tuned for those!

Materials and prices are subject to change without notice. But I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

RRB Forum Members send me a message, if you prefer Instagram check out my new page @stickystickons
Are there any colors besides black?
I find that I never wear any of my black or white tshirts.