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Aug 19, 2008
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Hello, I found this forum 15 years ago. Some of you may remember many/most of the custom builds were custom welded frames. Since I am not a welder, I did not believe I fit in too well. I am a truck mechanic, ex-machinist, mixing and matching different bike parts is something I can do. Today it would seem many of the builds are now more like what I can do.

I have too many unfinished bikes that were started years ago. Sure I have bikes to ride, but I lost my bike assembling area when my daughter and her husband came to stay with us. Life goes on and the unfinished bikes were not a priority. Lots of inspiration I see here now, maybe I should get some of them put together. I have two grand kids that may benefit.


Besides 3 Spoiler frames, I have this newer edition, begging to be upgraded too.....

Fritz Fifty5.jpg
Hey wayne! welcome aboard...dont worry, im not a welder either but am getting better, most of my stuff is chopped and re-made in some way!
Your grandkids will love it when you bang out a couple custom bikes for them!
Me neither, still learning and getting better.

Welcome back Wayne!

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