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Bike is looking good.:113:
Just figured out how to rotate pics on my phone.
One day I might catch up to technology, but don't hold you're breath waiting for it.
Bike has a nice stance. Black seems to fit the style well too.
Rat on!
Thanks for the comments, and lo and behold, I'm making a timely post.
I got some more goodies in the mail over the past couple of days.

Some nice old school red sparkle grips and a Mexican blanket or as they call them in Mexico, a blanket. I'm going to try my hand at upholstery, or at least gluing a piece of cloth to a seat pan.
I also just wasn't feeling the nice black paint, it just didn't feel "rat rod" enough. So I plugged in the angle grinder with a wire wheel and went to work. Fifteen minutes later it was time to put it all back together and admire my work.
Because of the red primer, yellow paint, red primer, black paint layering There's some cool splashes of color mixed in with the bare metal. This weekend I plan to finish it off with some steel wool and top it off with a clear coat.
I am very pleased with how this turned out, it has more of the look I think of when I think rat rods and because I plan on riding it a lot, I won't be worried about scratching the paint because there's so little of it. Since my husband is now staying home with our son, I've used that as an excuse to bike to and from work so I'm doing at least 7 miles a day on my 63 Schwinn Racer, I hope to get this bike finished before I leave for OTS so that I can put some mileage on it while still in Denton, or Texas for that matter.
Hopefully you will leave some traces of those paint colors on your new 'rat-ina' frame....looks good!
I'm also looking forward to the seat recovering, should really make it all come together!
I would be tempted to give the fork the same treatment as the frame...I'd also be tempted to leave it black..;)
The layered patina look paired with the fresh new chrome works great!
My husband keeps bugging me to do a post so, our son's in bed so here goes. Not a lot of progress, but not a whole lot more left to do either. Today I got the 4 coats of satin clear sprayed, so sometime this week I should be able to start putting it all together.

I still need to reupholster the seat and do minor things here and there, but where's the time? Full time job, 5 year old son, spouse, and studying for OTS really eat up a lot of the week. There's over a month left, so no doubt I'll finish and that's all that really matters, having a cool new bike, right?
Catching up on your build and I really like it. Especially the bare paint-ina you came up with. You have the right attitude to have fun with it too.
Bike came out nice I like the 24"x 26" combo . Give it a great look [emoji1303]

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Sorry for the absence folks, life gets away from you sometime. I've been waiting for a class date for OTS, didn't get picked up for the July class, likely won't get August either. There's a chance I'll make the class in September. If not I have to wait until January, next year. So this is what it's like living in limbo. But hey, it's more time with my family before I go to Alabama for 2 months, so I won't complain too much.
But this is my first build off and I will finish this build, so yesterday after work I started putting everything together. My husband and I are planning to go around town on Sarturday and get some pictures of the finished bikes so for now here's a little teaser.
I love the seat ! :inlove::thumbsup:
+1! Very cool!

The bikes look good together, congrats on finishing your first build-off, and doing it with style too!
Mexican blanket seat, big and little tires, big star chainring, big chrome headlight... So much cool stuff happening on this build!